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Customer reviews

Praphul Fernandis

The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, providing excellent care and assistance. The facility was clean and well-organized, creating a comfortable environment. The range of hearing solutions offered ensured that her needs were met, and the overall service left a lasting positive impression.

Kabir Peter MacDow

Having been a SFL Solutions client for the past three years, I am very pleased and happy with my experience. First of all, the product itself is of the highest technical quality. My hearing aids worked the first time and every time. Secondly, the care, attention, and direct support I have been given by SFL representatives has been equally superb. I highly recommend SFL, unconditionally.

Archana Singh

I am very satisfied with the products and services they have provided to my grandfather, i would like to suggest another's who are suffering from hearing loss can trust this clinic, this is really reliable.

Pankaj Thakur

Sound for life is excellent. I will only suggest people to hav a treatment only with sound for life.. They have good trained audiologist and even they provide free home visit.. There services are very fast, Sound for life is a very good brand, I like it for my brother.. He is happy now. While using hearing aid which is suggested by Dr.mohana. He is a very good audiologist there bestest, Thanx Dr. Mohana for your kind suggestion and treatment.

Ajit Kumar

Recently i went there for my ear checkup & i got the best service from them and also got the best price for my hearing aid.

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